If you are like us and are passionate about what you do then you will know the pride we take in crafting astonishing websites

Tools we use to help us deliver the best services


A web design company that provides a service that reflects the quality of our work

DUDOS was set up to not only provide high-end websites but to deliver a service of the highest standards. We know how critical your investment is to the success of your business. We make it our core principle to deliver service you'd expect from a professional web design and development company. 

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There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to contact someone when needed. We ensure a line of communication is always open to our clients and make communication a key aspect of our service.


Clear pricing

We believe in upfront pricing that lets you see how we brake down the costs. We want long-term relationships with our clients and it is our task to establish trust for the future.

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Out of principle we believe in providing 100% ownership of your website. Once your website is finished you will be given full access to our Git repository for you to copy. 

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We ensure strict confidentiality regarding your business. We also have very strict vetting rules on external plugins and third-party packages used to develop your website.

6 Steps we take to delivering a successful project

Every project needs a process and after many years of experience we have crafted a process that enables us to identify your goals, communicate your message and deliver on the quality we promise.


Starting with an examination of the nature of your business we define what your main points are and establish clear goals for your website.


Developing a strategy consists of selecting the technology best suited to your needs and setting out a foundation for future digital marketing.


Content for your website involves creating all the pieces of your website that will eventually come together and tell your story.


Following your brand and guided by your goals we assemble UX wireframes of your website followed by a prototype of the final design.


Once your design is approved we begin development of your website. This is where we integrate your CMS and lay down a solid SEO foundation.


When we have completed the development of your website we provide full training, support and full access to your website.

Skills to help your business grow

We specialise in a variety of key skills. Combining these specialities we provide a complete digital service. We bring next-generation technology to develop innovative solutions to today's challenges.

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We love everything about Javascript! We are fluent in most JS frameworks and libraries, including React JS, Node JS and plain old Javascript itself.



Mastery of CSS is not as common as many believe. Great CSS development is a hard-earned skill only gained through experience.

UX design

UX design

UX design is more than just making a website look pretty. It's also about understanding the user's journey and leading the user to your goals.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

With great digital marketing we not only get more traffic but we also get the right kind of traffic to your website.


Some information you may need about DUDOS

Established in 2012 DUDOS Online Ltd has been providing front-web development, web design and digital marketing services across the UK.


UK Limited company - 08159006 

DUDOS Online Ltd is a registered UK company, established in 2012


UK VAT Registered company - GB167444880

DUDOS Online Ltd is a VAT registered UK company

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We have full Private Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. Available on request.


Clear pricing and contracts

We provide clear and transparent contracts in accordance with UK law.

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Our core principles

DUDOS Online Ltd was created so we could choose to work with the technology, design and marketing principles we believe in. DUDOS Online is more than just a business. It's a web design company that let us provide a digital service we are passionate about.

Pride in our work

Pride in what we do is at the heart of our company. At DUDOS we do what we do out of passion and its this pride in our work that gives us our signature quality.

Building long term relationships

There is nothing more rewarding to us than being with a business that grows as a result of our work. Building a long-term relationship with our clients is essential to our own growth as a web design company.

Embracing innovation

Knowing the difference between innovation and the latest gimmick is how we at DUDOS deliver such incredible results for our clients. Recognising great innovation that delivers value is at the heart of our business.

Client satisfaction

We know that client satisfaction is not only about the delivery of great websites and services. Its also about being a dependable partner for your business.

Delivering the best

As well as client satisfaction we also have to consider our own satisfaction. At DUDOS each of us is committed to delivering what we believe is our best.


Fundamentally DUDOS Online is a company that uses its creativity, technical knowledge and experience to deliver solutions. Understanding this enables us to deliver real results for our clients.

Words from the founder of DUDOS Online Ltd

What seems to be a lifetime ago I myself was a client who needed a website for my 5 Star SCUBA Diving school in Spain. I reached out to a UK based web design company that gave me the best service I could have imagined.

Having the experience of being the customer is what drives our service today. I have experienced the thoughts and feelings you may have as a client and I can empathise with our client's needs. 

I believe it is this, the absolute commitment to fulfilling our client's needs that make us an exceptional web design company. 

Mark A Hext